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Fluid Interiors Studio

2017 marked Fluid’s 10-year anniversary as a successful workplace design company.  In celebration of that anniversary, we refreshed our brand and revamped our studio to reflect current market trends and accommodate our growing company.  Designing a space that resonates with our customers was balanced with the effort to design around our own employees, culture and workstyles. 

At the beginning of this project, Fluid expanded by 1,800 square feet and welcomed the local Haworth team into its Butler Square studio.  Based on individual workstyles, 75% of the workspaces are designed for resident workers and 25% are designed for mobile workers.  Mobile workers—equipped with lockers for storage—can choose where they work throughout the space.  Each resident workspace was designed with several essential requirements in mind, including height adjustable surfaces and ergonomic accessories to promote wellness. 

With a focus on diverse environments, art and accessories play a key role in helping the space feel comfortable.  Fluid’s office is peppered with collaboration areas, offering both analog and digital resources like marker boards and conferencing technology.  The studio also offers spaces for employees to focus, like a jabbrrbox “workbooth” and small huddle rooms.

With a focus on employee engagement and customer experience, Fluid’s office is complete with a café, espresso machines, a small bar, snacks and a technology oasis.  

Fluid Is located in Butler Square, the first century-old, multi-tenant commercial building in the nation to achieve LEED – EB O&M certification.